Marketplace Payment Solutions - What's the best option?

Increasingly, online retail sites require very clever payment methods. When designing and building these eCommerce sites, the payment solutions are at the forefront of our mind and raise some interesting questions:

What is the best platform?

And more importantly:

Can they provide the solutions that our client requires?

The online payment solution that would spring to most people's minds is PayPal. And while PayPal is very popular and does its job well, it doesn't always have the functionality that our clients require.

For instance, if you take a Marketplace site that is made up of numerous sellers, and a customer buys items from more than one seller, we (and more importantly our client) do not want that customer to have to purchase each item individually. That would lead to customer fatigue and would leave a bad impression in the consumers mind.

After looking for a payment solution that fitted the bill for a Marketplace site, we discovered MANGOPAY. MANGOPAY is a very clever payment solution that allows a single payment to be split between multiple sellers individual e-wallets. The sellers are then able to transfer the funds from MANGOPAY to their own bank accounts. The functionality also allows sellers to keep funds in their e-wallets for as long as they need and sellers are also easily able to refund buyers from those same e-wallets.

Below is an illustration of how the system works:

For more information on what MANGOPAY can offer, please click here.

For further information on how we can implement payment solutions while designing and developing your new site, then please contact us here at AVAMAE.

4 June 2015
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