Making The Most of an FAQ Page

Whilst not every site requires one, adding a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page to your website can be a really useful tool for your visitors, as well as a handy marketing tool for your company.  The two key reasons you might want to consider using an FAQ page are:

Search Engine Optimisation – FAQ pages are great for your SEO. You can provide heaps of useful and relevant information and ensure that you use your keywords and phrases throughout.

Providing Informative Content to Visitors – Generally, visitors to your site want to learn about your product or service, rather than be overtly sold to. The FAQ page is the place to provide lots of useful data, whilst still highlighting product and services benefits and features.

So, you’ve decided to add an FAQ page to your site. What do you need to consider?

Focus on Information – FAQ pages have slightly different rules from other site pages, whilst the page should of course look good, clean and easy to read, the focus is all about the content, not the design. Avoid overly flash and complicated designs that detract from the information being delivered. The page should be designed purely with ease of use in mind.

Page Organisation – The FAQ page is likely to contain a lot of information, how you organise and categorise this information is key to making the page usable and appealing. If you have a lot of content you may want to organise using categories and sub-categories and make sure there are powerful search and browse functions to allow the user to navigate simply through the content.

Make it Easy to Find – Too often FAQ pages are hidden away; they should be a mine of information, so make them accessible! Make sure the link to the FAQ page is clearly displayed on the site home page and available on all other pages throughout the site, so the user is never more than a click or two away from all the information they need.

Make Regular Updates – If a customer comes up with a new question, make sure that you add it to the page. You can also use the FAQ page to present information about any new products or services that are available. This is a great promotional tool and again, adding and updating relevant content will have a positive effect on your search engine rankings.

If you’re interested in creating a new or revamped website, we can discuss whether an FAQ page is right for you, what content should be included and how it could be presented. If you want to talk to us about this or any other elements of web development, we’re always around for a chat. In the first instance please call or email Zebedee : 020 3567 0804,

29 October 2014
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