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Modernising a Successful Psychometric Platform


Modernising a Successful Psychometric Platform

Strengthscope® is a transformative strengths-based psychometric tool, enabling employees from organisations all over the world discover and develop their unique strengths to improve engagement, productivity, well-being and effectiveness across all stages of the employee lifecycle.

Between 2010 and 2016, the percentage of employers using psychometric testing for employee development rose by almost a fifth (per an international HR survey carried out by cut-e), with 80% of respondents globally believing that psychometric testing allows them to make more reliable and less risky decisions. After over a decade in the field, this is a trend that Strengthscope® has helped to build and continues to influence.


The Brief

We were briefed with rebuilding the Strengthscope® platform with the aim of modernising it to bring it in line with current expectations and best practice for security and user experience. It needed to be multi-lingual and have high availability to support Strengthscope®’s global base of distributors and users.


The Challenge

The challenge was understanding the current, eight-year-old system and designing a new system which fulfilled the same criteria and was built to have longevity. It needed to be secure, scalable and able to serve content across a variety of devices. As it would essentially be a SaaS platform, with a franchise hierarchy and in-built eCommerce, it needed to be able to support all these functions while being simple to use and maintaining a high level of performance.

Strengthscope® needed to remain the best in the field of psychometric testing and lead the way in delivering mobile responsive surveys. With making the platform mobile responsive came two main challenges. The greater of the two challenges was making sure that the variation in how the surveys would be viewed on different devices would not create a bias that would make the future results incomparable with the existing results. The danger of incomparable data was the risk of making the large archive of existing data invalid. The lesser of the two challenges was taking into considering that less content in one go can fit onto a smaller screen view – e.g. a mobile device vs. a desktop computer; we needed to design the surveys in such a way as to ensure that respondents didn’t suffer with survey fatigue and abandon their survey without completing it.


The Solution

We delivered an updated, best in class psychometric platform, which innovates while remaining reliable. The platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure, making it highly available and scalable, as well as highly secure, being fully compliant with GDPR and ISO 27001:2013.

Approaching the challenge of delivering the data in a reliable, valid way across devices, we worked with Strengthscope to decide a way to mitigate any issues arising from the difference in display between devices. We drew on research into the application of the Likert scale in surveys to inform our design of the questionnaires. The result was a smooth, easy experience which displayed well across devices, alleviated bias and limited survey fatigue.

Rebuilding the platform involved making a broad number of functions available in a self-service, multi-lingual format, allowing clients to manage their accounts autonomously. We reprogrammed Strengthscope®’s broad range of reports, including the standard self-assessments as well as those requiring 360 feedback. Automation is employed to ensure that the process of sending and receiving assessment results, requesting and recording feedback and delivering reporting is conducted with the least amount of manual intervention possible.

Strengthscope Administrators have access to a high level of configurability, allowing each client a tailored package depending on their needs and access to an interactive dashboard function which allows them to easily track report usage and purchase of reports through the new shop function. Extending Strengthscope®’s offering to include an eCommerce element allows Strengthscope® to not only monitor client’s purchasing directly through the site, but also to have full control over the creation and management of their various products – from reports, to training events and literature.



Key Features

  • Psychometric Platform
    Psychometric Platform
  • eCommerce
  • Integrations
    Integration with VIES, Payment Gateway and Postcode Software
  • Bespoke Reporting Functionality
    Bespoke Reporting Functionality

Standard Features

  • SEO Friendly
    Google Analytics and SEO Friendly
  • Responsive
    Mobile Optimised and Responsive
  • Accessibility
    W3C AA Standards for Accessibility
  • Automated
    Automated Error Handling
  • Compliant
    ISO027001:2013 Compliant
  • GDPR
    GDPR Compliant
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