We believe that developing software products agilely – using sprints or iterations to develop features that can be tested in as little as a week – helps to ensure a product constantly evolves to be market-relevant. Paying for the MVP released at the end of an iteration, rather than by the hour, also helps contain costs.

Cost Containment

Software is complex, as is the process of creating it. We understand that, in order to ensure a software product's value is still current in an ever-advancing market, it may need to pivot on a regular basis to remain viable.

Budgeting for products developed in such a fast-paced environment can be a source of tension, as clients worry that costs will spiral out of control.

To combat such misgivings, we break your software build down to a set of features needed to deliver the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to your business or customer. Each feature is deliverable within as little as a single week, providing a tangible product for rapid feedback.

When you pay for the feature and not by the hour, you come away knowing that your budget decisions have been well-informed and technically-sound. You come away confident that each penny was well spent.


Core Agile Methodology Principles

Our approach to working with you is very simple and stems from our core agile methodology principles, which means developing products in sprints or iterations to ensure that your software is constantly adapting for success.

We believe that these iterations are the best strategy for measuring progress in the context of possible uncertainty. What we learn through these sprints ensures that innovation is a continuous process, creating products that will hold fast in years to come through their evolutionary journey.

Our team of specialists has years of experience in all levels of developing, from vision and concept, to strategy, production and launch and we are confident we can work with you to rapidly pinpoint what works, and nimbly amend what doesn't.


Our Process, Broken Down

  • Product Vision
    1. Product Vision
    At the start of each software product build, our specialist teams meet to understand the vision and concept that will define your product, how it will support your company strategy, and who will be the end user of your product.
  • Product Roadmap
    2. Product Roadmap
    Our strategists will then identify your product's requirements, with a loose time frame for when features will be developed, prioritising and roughly estimating the amount of work involved. At this stage, there is still quite a bit of scope to uncover, but it is prudent to establish preliminary expectations.
  • Release Planning
    3. Release Planning
    A timetable is created for the release of your working software. In order to manage the uncertainty of fast-paced market forces, an agile project will be broken down to many releases, with the highest-priority features launching first. Within each release cycle are sprints, or iterations.
  • Sprint Management
    4. Sprint Management
    Developing software in sprints is invaluable when ensuring your product stays current and relevant throughout each cycle of release. A continuous measurement of progress will help us learn very quickly what your product can become - and what it need not be. Our teams will briefly discuss on a daily basis what was completed the previous day, what needs to be done, and how to manage any roadblocks we may encounter.
  • Sprint Retrospective
    5. Sprint Retrospective
    At this stage, our teams will break down the product reviewed in the last sprint, learning rapidly from your customer's feedback whether a feature of your product will stay the course, or whether it needs to evolve to optimise business objectives.
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