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We’re the fully UK based software development company tackling complex problems with simple, secure and scalable software solutions.

AVAMAE believes in building better bespoke software. Our software development engineers look for innovative ways to create completely bespoke, secure and reliable software that responds quickly and is scalable for the future.

We partner with start-ups, SMEs and enterprise clients who rely on us to bring their software development to life after the initial prototype has been finalised. The way our engineers work is highly disciplined and involves the use of leading software technologies.

Companies we have developed software for:

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Case Studies

Helping elevate Skippy Scout to best in field
Discover how it took smart minds to solve complex AgriTech challenges.


Making Dober Games fantasy sports a reality
Find out how we created a high performance US Fantasy Sports Platform.


Constructing a collaborative platform for Report360
See how we brought the vision of a group of experienced construction professionals to life with a cloud-based software solution.

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