Software development project rescue

Wheels coming off a software project? We’ll get it back on track.

If your software project is in turmoil or you’ve simply fallen out of love with your developer, AVAMAE can rescue the situation. We specialise in, and pride ourselves on, taking on and turning around projects that are giving clients sleepless nights.

There are numerous reasons why projects hit the skids and clients turn to AVAMAE. Here are some of the more common ones.

How we can rescue the situation

You may think that you’ve gone so far with a project that it’s impossible to extrapolate yourself from the developer and seek the help of a more capable one. You’d be wrong. The earlier you can talk to us the better. We can bring your project back from the brink and deliver software that meets all your original expectations.

We’re not interested in point scoring over the struggling legacy software developer. We will work professionally together with them and you to transfer the challenge to us as smoothly and successfully as possible.

5-Step Software Rescue Process

1. Contact AVAMAE

2. Our team of software architects, engineers and analysts will audit and assess the situation

3. Together, we create a Rescue Plan, complete with clear objectives and realistic timings

4. We liaise with the legacy software developer and handle technical issues and system migration

5. We manage the rescue, redevelopment, testing and delivery of final fully functioning software

Everything in-house and user-focused

If you suspect that many of the problems with the performance of your legacy software developer were due to outsourcing, you can be assured that we never outsource work. All the experience and technical expertise needed to turn around your software project is in-house at our London headquarters. By keeping all aspects of software rescue and redevelopment under one roof, we can enhance the user-experience and ultimately increase user uptake.

How we operate

Whatever the reason for the failure of your software project, we guarantee that we can rescue it. We will give you access to our dedicated team of expert software engineers and designers plus a dedicated account manager. Our team will have all the technical expertise and experience required to unravel even the knottiest of issues.

Have an idea or project to discuss?

Fill out the short form on our Contact Us page, give us a call directly on +44 (0) 800 029 1425 or email us at We’ll guide you through our process, advise on the best possible solutions and steer you in the right direction.

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