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A Psychometric Testing Platform with a Reseller Tier and Subscription-based Payment System

Aston Business Assessments (ABA) specialises in the assessment and development of people at work. Founded and led by a world authority on personality assessments for business and Human Resource management, ABA deliver a range of psychometric testing tools, including the Trait Inventory System, which delivers customised insights to its clients with the aim of aiding the process of hiring and developing talent.

The Brief

We were briefed with creating a new psychometric assessment site, which would run alongside the original Trait site. The focus of the new site, Trait Online, would be a resellers model, which would allow resellers to offer ABA’s personality test platform to their clients in a global capacity.

The Challenge

ABA’s original website for the Trait Inventory System had been modified over time to accommodate client requests and as a result, the functionality of the site had become cumbersome. The focus of this project was creating a modernised version – updating the technology used in line with best practice since the original site was built – which consolidated the functionality and transferred the core of the site towards the resellers model. The site also had to be responsive, so respondents had a consistent experience across all devices.

The challenge in achieving this was creating a new website which delivered according to this focus, while not compromising on the functionality offered. This meant creating a streamlined version of the existing platform, which would cater for all the existing users – clients, respondents and admin – and extend the usability to suit a reseller. The site also needed to be built to prepare for growth, making it possible to easily incorporate new features as needed without becoming cumbersome.


The Solution

Building a site which suited all users meant identifying the main needs and making the process for each of the users the smoothest it could be. The most useful and necessary functionality was included in a consolidated CMS, which splits the site logically by role. To accommodate the shift in focus to the reseller model, Trait Online is self-service with built-in eCommerce functionality, to allow subscriptions to be made and paid for automatically on the site and for a client user to manage their questionnaires and reports themselves. The site allows for flexibility in access, making it easy for both admin and resellers to amend client and user access to suit their needs. Users can quickly download clear and comprehensive dual-branded Trait reports from 11 report types available, including a Selection Report, Development Report, Competency Insights Report, Respondent Feedback Report and Leadership Report.

The build allows for different types of client-specific tailoring, such as the reskinning of client landing pages, questionnaires and reports and bespoke APIs. In design, we stayed true to the original site in delivering a clean, minimalistic site which used best practice and projected a sense of efficiency, as well as being fully mobile responsive.

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