Creating an end-to-end Soft Skills Recruitment Application

Find out how AVAMAE helped Clevry create a platform to measure candidate soft skills and match them with ideal recruitment opportunities.

The value of the global HR & Recruitment market is predicted to be almost £800 million dollars in 2022. It has seen huge upheaval over the last few years and there is a continuing shift towards recruiters wishing to streamline and automate processes, as well as be able to respond rapidly to future changes. Clevry have been at the forefront of the industry for 30 years and AVAMAE have been alongside them, as trusted software development partner, since they became one of our very first clients.

The Clevry platform takes on the main issues around virtual recruitment; it helps recruiters see the whole person behind an application and measures their soft skills and traits, not just the hard skills on their CV. At the same time it helps candidates develop these skills and facilitates online assessment and communication between all parties.

Self-Service Candidate Assessments and Reflections

At the heart of Clevry’s mission, is a desire to help candidates really understand their own soft skills and to facilitate matching each person’s unique mix of skills with the perfect job opportunities. The self-service candidate web app that we have created for Clevry, includes the following:

Gamified Interaction and Personal Development Tools – Candidates are engaged across the platform to take part in quizzes and assessments and to continually stretch their development. They can record their Joy at Work levels and review an assessment of their strengths, take Personality Questionnaires and Personality and Ability Soft Skills tests, verbal and numerical tests, as well as review reports on their team strengths, sales strengths and leadership strengths.

Access to Opportunities – A searchable job board allows candidates to find and filter appropriate job opportunities, based on things such as job type, sector, salary and location. Applications can be completed swiftly online, with candidates completing fields and uploading relevant documents, they can also save information for their next application, to avoid duplication of effort.

Online Assessments and Virtual Interviewing – Once a candidate application has been reviewed and accepted they can then work their way through the assessment process online. This process will have been defined by the recruiter and may include multiple assessment types, as well as virtual discussions and interviews; all of which can be completed without leaving the platform, and each stage becomes automatically available to the candidate if they pass the previous one.

Dashboard Summaries and Highlighting Next Steps – Dashboards are displayed to candidates on log-in, which provide a summary of where they are with live applications, as well as calls to action to complete additional developmental work. Candidates are notified here of any actions required by them, such as to complete the next assessment in a recruitment process.

Account Management and Application History – Candidates can keep their general information and profile up to date, including information that can be used to automatically populate applications. They can also keep a track of all in-progress and historical applications, as well as withdraw an application, so they always know where they are in their recruitment journey.

Powerful and Intuitive Self-Service Recruiter Tools

Recruiters are increasingly turning to online recruitment solutions, which allow them to find, review, assess and interview candidates, as well as collaborate with colleagues, from anywhere in the world. The Clevry web app allows recruiters to do the following:

Create Bespoke Application and Assessment Flows – Recruiters set up tailored application processes for each job they advertise. They can specify details they wish to collect on the application form, as well as set up a multi-stage online application process, which can include anything from Personality Tests, Verbal Tests and Situational Judgement Tests to Recorded Interviews, Live Interviews and Virtual Team Discussions. They can set automatic pass / fail criteria for each test, or choose to manually review candidates at each stage, allowing flexibility and automation as needed.

Obtain Powerful Insight to Candidate Traits and Skills That Matter – Recruiters can review applicants and see information about the soft, and hard, skills that matter for the role. They can view results and reports on candidate traits, as well as automatically calculated candidate matching scores, which indicate their suitability for the job. Recruiters may be required to approve or reject candidates at each stage, or this may be done automatically, and they can choose to manually move them between stages.

Assessor Online Testing and Interviewing – Built in, sophisticated, video conferencing functionality, allows recruiters and their team of assessors to run one-to-one or multi-person interviews and discussions, including options to add additional external parties via a link and to view suggested interview questions and candidate information on the screen whilst interviewing. Other options allow candidates to make a video recording of their answers to written interview questions and to complete written answers to timed case study questions.

Presenting to Decision Makers and Rating Candidates – Recruiters can choose to present candidates who have impressed to the decision makers in their company. The decision makers access a dashboard which displays information cards about each of the candidates. They are able to review candidate information, application details, assessment results and reports, take part in virtual interviews and rate the candidates and leave feedback. Additionally, decision makes can choose to indicate they are not interested in a candidate, that they wish to invite a candidate to interview or they wish to make an offer to them; all of which trigger automatic actions, such as emails to candidates and notifications to recruiters to book interviews or make offers.

Super Admin Oversight

Depending on the size and structure of the company, recruiters may be individuals, or a large group or multiple departments. To ensure the platform is scalable and works for all, we also developed an administrative area of Clevry, which allows both the team at Clevry and clients to configure the platform for their team to suit their needs. This allows users to set up projects, application flows, assessment templates and recruiter, assessors and hiring manager users, giving them access to the appropriate areas of Clevry for their work. Stringent access permission settings mean that users are set up so that they just have access to the areas of relevance to them.

Simplifying Backend Complexities and Reporting

The Clevry web app may be great to look at and simple to navigate, but the back-end houses a whole host of complex algorithms, scores, scales and calculations. The Clevry Science and Technology team have spent years honing the science behind the automation of results for every assessment type, with each one using different calculations and producing many different possible outputs. We’ve integrated their impressive work into the platform, so that candidates and recruiters can both see instant results and view and download detailed reports and analysis.

Ongoing Innovation for Clevry’s SaaS Product

We are proud to have been working alongside Clevry as their web app development partner for more than 10 years, and the work that we do with them has grown as they have grown as a company. We provide Clevry with a dedicated number of engineering days a month and work with them to ensure that we continue to adapt and develop their product in line with their ambitious company road map.

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