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Making a Psychometric Platform Self-service

With over 20 years in the industry, Criterion Partnership continues to deliver a powerful blend of psychology and technology to earn its place as a leading provider of business psychology products, technology and consultancy. We have been working with Criterion for many years to help build and evolve their range of flexible business technologies, including Psychometric and Ability Testing tools, Situational Judgement Tests, 360 Assessments and Mechanical Reasoning.

The Brief

Having recently updated their platform’s interface, Criterion turned their attention to rebranding their Coast platform to Psycruit and re-focusing their attention to recruitment. We were briefed with updating the client user interface and making improvements to the candidate portal, moving towards more self-service and with maximum automation of processes.

The Challenge

The main challenge of the Psycruit platform was to blend the older technology that the administrative platform was built on with the new technology we would be using to build the new client admin. This needed to be done cleanly and robustly to maintain the smooth, quick running of the site. Another challenge was improving and maintaining complex campaign requirements and consistently keeping up with new and changing requirements. The campaigns needed to be both simple to build – appealing to recruiters – and clear and engaging to use.


The Solution

What we delivered is a mobile-first, clean and clear client user and candidate interface, with in-built automation. We overcame the main challenge of blending the two technologies by building custom integrations to link the existing administrative platform with the new client interface, which was built using React. We approached the second challenge of Psycruit’s complex, changing requirements in a couple of different ways. To manage the complex campaign building requirements, we merged other complementary projects into Psycruit and made sure that the offering would serve to bolster the new focus towards recruitment by streamlining the process. It offers bespoke personality questionnaires that the client can put together themselves with an easy to use interface, in as few as five steps. They can choose to build an assessment process from the Psycruit testing library, use an assessment process that they’ve built before, or choose a performance-powered assessment process from the marketplace. The marketplace offers a space where campaigns can be shared and rated, offering other users easy access to a range of varied campaigns. It also introduces a gamified element to the platform, allowing users to earn credits and achieve ‘levels’ and badges by interacting with the marketplace and the Psycruit community.

There are a wide range of tests available beyond Personality Questionnaires, to test a range of abilities, including Situational Judgement Tests, Ability Tests and Mechanical Reasoning. We have also integrated with third-party Applicant Tracking Systems to allow recruiters to take advantage of Psycruit’s testing abilities without requiring their candidates to move outside of their own platform during the recruitment process. For the candidate, we designed an effective assessment layout including randomised items, checks and deterrents to minimise candidate dissimulation.

During the campaign, client users can compare first case test results with re-testing scores in order to verify test results if needed. Once completed, there are a range of reporting options available which serve to give insights into candidate’s skills and abilities and combined with the available guidance on interpreting psychometric data on the reports, can be used to guide an interview. Some reports, such as the Insights report, format themselves to fit bespoke questionnaires and can incorporate Ability Test data, delivering a ‘potential profile’ to give an interviewer a strong idea of what a candidate may be capable of. By collecting relevant statistics – including from the new ‘Performance’ tab -, the platform uses data to build up a picture of a candidate’s performance rating to predict the highest level of success for them in their unique organisation. It advises recruiters of where candidates fit against job requirements, highlighting strengths and flagging areas to watch out for.

To accommodate changing requirements during the project, we proposed a managed services contract. Running the project on a managed service contract allowed us to be flexible, adapting to evolving priorities and implementing changes quickly and efficiently, as and when needed.

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