The world of web design is a constantly evolving field; designers and their clients are on a never ending quest to make the next website work a little smarter, look a little better and hold the attention a little longer.

Most of the current trends in web design stem from the increasing move to design with mobile devices in mind; a further shift towards clean, simple and visually striking sites. Here are five of the major design trends that we have spotted this year and that we expect to see continue as the move to responsive design continues apace.

Minimal Text

We’ve noticed that lots of sites are using very little text these days, some have almost no text at first glance and instead deliver their message through the use of images and other visuals. The effect can be very striking and can be easier for visitors to view and understand on a smaller screen. A word of warning though, minimal text isn’t right for all demographics. Think about your audience and what they want to see, for some the reassurance of words on the page may be key.

Stripped Back Navigation

Designers are focusing on condensing navigation menus in order to make them more accessible on smaller screens. This means we’ve seen more navigation that shrinks as you scroll down the page, as well as increased use of icons and roll-downs. Design has become smarter and more compact; cumbersome navigational menus just don’t work on a smaller stage.

Mixing up the Typeface

In a context where content is being simplified and minimised, the typeface is proving a valuable tool to add personality to a site. Designers are using more unusual fonts and mix and matching different fonts, both techniques serve to make a site stand out from the norm and catch the eye.

Designing in Monochrome

In keeping with the minimalist them, websites designed using monochrome colours seem to be an emerging trend this year. Using a monochrome pallet can have a number advantages; it can help emphasise important areas of the site, gives the site a clean, minimalist feel, and, most importantly, can make a site look classy and elegant.

Making use of Infographics

Infographics are a great way of enabling the move away from text heavy websites, done right they can be visually impressive and hugely informative. Infographics are able to display a lot of information in a small space, can add personality to a site and are often a better way to convey large amounts date than a text heavy page

This is just a snippet of what is going on in the world of web design for now, but we’ve continually got our eyes and ears open for new trends and ideas, as well as leading the way with some of our own. If you want to talk about ways to modernise your site, make it more suitable for mobile devices or are starting from scratch and need some help, give us a call for a no obligation chat on 020 3567 0804 or drop an email to