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Real-time Booking System For Immersive Quest Games

While escape rooms are now commonplace across the UK, this wasn’t always the case. Originating in Japan and gaining popularity first elsewhere in Europe, escape rooms started popping up in the UK almost a decade ago. Before the escape room boom, Enigma Quests set up shop in central London, offering players a twist on the standard format and the opportunity to immerse themselves in another world. Since their first quest started, giving customers the chance to graduate from the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, they’ve gone from strength to strength and now offer a range of immersive quest experiences. Despite there now being around 1,500 escape rooms in the UK, their imaginatively designed, highly detailed games have earned Enigma Quests a firm place in TripAdvisor’s top five escape room games in London.

The Brief

We were briefed with creating a promotional website with a bespoke game booking system, as well as designing the Enigma Quests logo and colour scheme.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge was creating a booking system which was both easy for customers to use and easy for administrators to manage. It needed to very clear and customers needed to be able to book in real-time, viewing available slots both on the day and far in advance. It had to allow for booking to be flexible for customers and for it to be easy for admins to see what’s been booked. As Enigma Quests were a start up which would grow very quickly, the site needed to allow for that growth without having to rely on intervention from us.


The Solution

We started with designing the Enigma Quest logo, working collaboratively with the client to create a combination of the initials of the company combined with the style of a maze / puzzle. The client chose a bold colourway which would stand out and give a pop of colour.

We approached the challenge of creating a bespoke real-time booking system with the priority of making it clean, clear and easy to navigate. It needed to be intuitive so that it was obvious to customers what was available and when and that information needed to be up to date all the time without manual intervention. The information which drove the real-time booking element started with the initial set up of the room schedule. For Enigma Quests, this meant allowing them to set up flexible session slots from the admin to allow for the weekly game schedule to vary and for there to be ‘special days’ where different details such as varying rates or game closure could be applied. Promo codes can be created easily and customers can also buy gift vouchers directly from the site. The site is also scalable, to allow Enigma Quests to add more and more immersive quest experiences to the site as and when they’re available.

Key Features

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