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An Online Charity Auction Platform

Charities often auction items donated by celebrities, including unique experiences with that celebrity, as a way of boosting the charity’s income and these items are often auctioned at specialised events. Good 2 Bid wanted to find a way to extend the charity auction to the online world, so it is no longer just the preserve of physical events. By doing this, auctions can be managed in a much more efficient way – rather than the traditional manual / on paper process – and the reach of the auction can be extended to a new audience of fans who may not otherwise be aware of, or able to attend, the event. Not only does it extend the reach of the auction both in terms of new audiences and allowing auctions to be consistently available rather than limited to occasional events, but it also encourages fans to become more long-term supporters of the celebrities’ chosen charities.

The Brief

We were briefed with building an online platform to give charities a way to allow the auction of items donated by their celebrities online.

The Challenge

The challenge in building the Good 2 Bid platform was in creating a seamless end-to-end auction with a user-friendly function for browsing and bidding on lots. It needed to be accessible for wider audiences and the whole process, including pricing details, needed to be transparent and straightforward.

The end product needed to work cohesively as an eCommerce solution. The customer needed to find the site engaging and easy to navigate, as well as experiencing a seamless ordering and payment service from the front-end. Staff needed to be able to quickly and easily manage increasing sales and marketing processes from the back-end.


The Solution

The Good 2 Bid platform harmonises the relationship between charities, talent and the auction experience, with a site structure that gives equal precedence to all three. We built a cloud-based solution which benefits from real-time auction functionality to deliver a smooth experience to users. Full details of a bidder’s activity – as well as prompts to view new available lots – are available on a personalised dashboard and the site uses the Azure Search Service to give an intelligent, flexible search functionality. Bidders can set alerts for particular auctions they’re interested in, or for particular talent, so they will be notified when a lot associated with that celebrity is added and can monitor bids on lots and manage their own bids. Throughout the site, all pricing details are transparent, from reserve pricing and highest current bids, to the percentage made by the charity from the auction. If a bidder is outbid, they are notified by email so they can choose if they would like to raise their bid.

Good 2 Bid Administrators can keep track of details of the auction, including details of how many auctions a particular charity, or talent, currently has available and how much that charity has raised through the platform to date. Auctions can be scheduled to only appear on the platform on a certain date at a certain time and the number of days the auction should be live for can also be specified. Payment from the auctions is managed through an integration with the payment gateway, Stripe, which allows bidders to pay for their lot through the site.

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Standard Features

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