Post Development Services

We never launch and leave you to fend for yourself.

A tremendous amount of work goes into the planning, design and development of a project prior to launch. But what happens once the big green button has been hit? Well, with AVAMAE, we don’t walk away leaving you to deal with any aftershocks. No, we actually provide you with a full 3-months of Complimentary Support after go-live

This is something we offer as standard. We also provide wide a choice of cost-effective Managed Services and Support Contracts.

Complimentary support

The moment your project is signed off, our free Software Warranty kicks in. It provides you with a 3-month period of support on our Silver Support plan with our compliments. This will be made available to your key named contacts and it covers the fixing of any bugs we or you identify.

Intensive support is included in the warranty in the two-week period immediately after launch. This is when all bugs should be sent directly to the Project Manager. After then, for the remaining ten weeks, all bugs should be sent to the support team to be dealt with.

Don’t worry, after the initial warranty period, there are several on-going support options that you can sign up for.

Support & maintenance contracts

After enjoying your 3-month warranty period, you can continue with our Silver Support plan or upgrade to Gold or Platinum if you require an enhanced service level agreement.

The cost of these is based on the project value and the main difference is the speed of response times and level of service. For example, with our Platinum plan, we will respond as a top priority to urgent bugs within as little as 4 hours during working times and also outside office hours. A summary of the three levels of our Support & Maintenance Contracts is in the table at the bottom of this page.

Managed services contract

An increasingly popular option is our Managed Services contract. It enables you to specify a set number of days each month to retain our services. Develop new software? Make on-going changes? Develop new features? Add extra functionality? These days are yours to do whatever you prefer.

Effectively, it’s like having your own software department, but without the hassle and expense of recruitment, retention, training and creation of space for an in-house facility. You get the freedom and flexibility to prioritise what you want to develop without being tied to a fixed price specification. Plus you get a team of experts in every field that are at the top of their game.

Requests for change

If you decide not to opt for one of our managed services contracts once your project is live, don’t worry. We will always be available to provide further development work on a case by case basis, all we ask is that you have a support contract in place. We’ll give you a fixed price for any Requests for Change and will provide a detailed specification for the work using user stories, acceptance criteria, along with a full breakdown of time and costs. Any Requests for Change are treated just like a new project. You receive the same inspired design, expert development and rigorous testing.

Interested? Simply ask your Account Manager.

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