It’s probably no surprise to hear a web development company recommending a redesign. But, at the risk of sounding like Santa selling Christmas, we’d like to point out a few common signs that it might be time to freshen up your site:

You’re all splash and static

Is your site little more than an online brochure? Full of “splash pages” with little useful content? If so, you’re missing out on the true interactive potential of the web (and dozens more ways to sell your product and boost your search rankings).

Your bounce rate is high

Your bounce rate is the amount of visitors who arrive at your site and leave almost straight away. (You can usually find out your bounce rate in your analytics reports.)

Generally, a high bounce rate means that either your site is slow-loading, unfocused or poorly constructed. All of these issues can be solved with a strategic redesign.

You’ve outgrown your outfit

So, three years ago you might have been a small agency fighting for recognition. Today you’re a thriving business with dozens of great clients and employees. Yet your site hasn’t changed. Does your website reflect your growth, or are you still talking in the same design language you were three years ago?

Your competitors are overtaking you

Check out the competition. How do their sites look? Are they getting higher search rankings? What do their sites offer? Checking out the competition doesn’t mean looking for ways to steal ideas. It’s simply to ensure that you’re staying one step ahead with the best possible website.

You find it hard to add your own content

Amazingly, some businesses are still paying designers to make every little content change on their websites. However, with the right content management system added with a website redesign, you can let your team make easy changes (from updating blog posts, to adding new products and service pages).

So, yes. We’re a web design company. You might expect us to suggest a redesign. However, if any of the above sounds like your site, then you probably owe it to your business to freshness up your web presence.