At AVAMAE, we take a highly collaborative approach to the way we work, especially with our clients. It’s flexible, forward-thinking and it gets the best results. Our clients and team like it too because we all know what to expect at each stage of the project and what processes we need to follow. We work organically but always stick to our process. We call it ‘The AVAMAE Way’.


It all starts though with an initial meeting. Face to face works best. Let’s say we were meeting you for the first time. We’ll quickly get to know each other, your business and gain a real understanding of the project requirements. We’ll prod and probe you, your business and the brief to get a clear idea of what you’re wanting to achieve, offer you strategic and consultative advice and then advise on the best solution.

After this meeting, we’ll scuttle off and pull a proposal together.

Decent Proposal

When you work with AVAMAE, you get your own dedicated Account Manager. He or she will coordinate the creation of your proposal and be your first point of contact. Any queries, questions or clarification? Your Account Manager is there for you.

You may be surprised by just how detailed our proposals are. They need to be as they act as a template for our designers and engineers to create your end product. It sets out everything that your software will be able to do.

We break down projects into user roles, modules or screens, and individual user stories which describe exactly what each user will be able to do.

Cast-iron Quote

Based on these user stories, we’ll provide you with a fixed quote for the work and an estimated project duration. Many of our clients love our fixed quotes because they know exactly where they are financially when committing to a project. Plus, a clear projected timeline helps everyone understand key milestones and delivery dates. Equally, an increasing number of clients like the convenience, flexibility, expertise and cost-savings provided by our Managed Services.

It Does What It Says On The Proposal

Next, things get a bit Ronseal. Once you receive your proposal, you need to read it thoroughly. If it’s not in the proposal, it won’t get built. Sounds a bit heavy handed, but if a page or piece of functionality isn’t covered by the user stories, then it won’t be included. It avoids any omissions, unnecessary development work or problems at a later stage. The proposal mirrors your exact requirements.

Once you’ve had time to fully absorb the proposal, your Account Manager will contact you to chat things through. If there are any amends or major changes, we’ll make them and give you an updated proposal with any adjustments to price or timings. Together, we can tweak the proposal as many times as you wish until you are 100% happy with it. It’s important, because the final proposal is what we will be working to.

Autograph Please

Once everyone is nodding and smiling at the final proposal, it’s time to push the button and sign it off. We’ll produce a sign-off document and use DocuSign to add secure and verifiable electronic signatures. We’ll ask for the name of your staff with sign-off authority and we’ll start work once it’s signed it off and we have an authorised client signature on the document.

Let’s Talk

So, that’s how ‘The AVAMAE Way’ begins, but there’s a whole lot more to what we do. Got a software or web project you’d like to have an initial no-obligation chat through? Need any friendly professional advice? Want us to provide you with a fixed price quote? Simply call +44 (0) 20 7509 6992 or email and we can meet for a chat.