The second stage of working together ‘The AVAMAE Way’ is when the button has been pushed and the project kicks off. As the digital ink dries on the signed off proposal, the project is handed over to your own experienced Project Manager.

At AVAMAE, we believe that a well-run project demands good communication and co-ordination. That’s why we ensure that our Project Managers are 100% reliable and an incredibly knowledgeable single point of contact for our clients. Whilst overseeing your project, they communicate clearly and regularly throughout.

Smooth Operator

So, what exactly does an AVAMAE Project Manager do? In simple terms, they orchestrate everything. They manage the entire project team, the scope of the project and deal with any issues that may arise quickly and efficiently. They have a deep knowledge of every aspect of the project and oversee the work keeping your software development project moving forward smoother than a Rolls Royce on a newly surfaced autobahn.

Key Players

To do their job and communicate with the right people at your end, you’ll need to provide your Project Manager with the names and contact details of your key staff. We’ll also need to know who on your team has sign-off authority.

We’ll also ask you to nominate a single member of your staff who will act as your Project Manager. Someone with relevant authority and expertise. He or she will be our point of contact and we’ll direct all communication through them. This ensures our communications are clear. It also avoids potential confusion or complications. If your Project Manager goes on holiday or leaves the company during the project, let us know as soon as possible to prevent any delays to the project.

In the Picture

Our Project Manager will always keep you in the loop. Throughout the project, he or she will contact you to provide regular updates via phone or email. You decide how you prefer to hear from us and we’ll agree how often.

We’ll never keep you in the dark. Through various stages of the project, we’ll call meetings with you and other members of the AVAMAE team. We’ll also take the time to demonstrate the software to you to ensure you can see how things are progressing.


It all sounds reasonable. That’s what we’ll do for you. In return, all we ask is that you respond in good time to any requests we may have for information, assets or meetings. We need prompt replies and action as delays may impact on the delivery of the project.

Any project queries should be directed to your AVAMAE Project Manager unless, of course, you’re discussing designs, or anything else, directly with a member of our team.

Let’s Talk

So, that’s project management ‘The AVAMAE Way’. It’s all designed to make the whole software development process smoother, simpler and a joy to be involved in. Got a project in mind? Simply call +44 (0) 20 7509 6992 or email and we can meet for a chat.