Unless you’re Donald Trump, there’s no denying the world is facing a very real and challenging climate crisis. At AVAMAE, we collectively care deeply about our planet and are ever conscious about the impact we have as a business on the environment. But how can individual businesses take action to help slow down our trajectory towards a possible global catastrophe?

Well, that’s something we looked into very carefully last year and we found a highly innovative initiative that can make a real difference. It’s called Offset Earth.

Offset Earth was founded by three Bristolians, is gathering momentum and is now amassing a collective of passionate and talented humans in all corners of the world to build a platform for great climate action.

Here’s How it Works

Businesses simply sign up to Offset Earth to offset their carbon footprint by funding climate projects. You set yourself eco goals and the progress you make is published on an online profile – so everyone, including your clients and employees can see the actual difference you are making.

Tree Planting

It’s common knowledge that one of the best tools you can use to tackle climate change and stop temperatures rising is to plant trees. They really are crucial to avoiding an ecological collapse.
Offset Earth has partnered up with The Eden Reforestation Projects that plants millions of trees around the world every month in places like Madagascar.

Carbon Offsetting

The other way we help reduce our impact on the planet via Offset Earth is carbon offsetting. Offset Earth also invest member’s money into projects that remove more greenhouse gases than our own carbon footprint.

Each month, Offset Earth selects the best CO2 reduction projects. Not just any projects, but those with Gold Standard certification – so we know that we’re doing is being as effective as possible.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of supporting Offset Earth is based on the size of your company. For companies with less than 250 employees, you can have a ‘Climate Positive Workforce’ for as little as £4 per employee each month. What’s more, that also accounts for business travel.

To give you an idea of the impact just one climate positive employee can make, in one year, it can result in the planting of 144 trees and the offsetting of 14 tonnes of CO2. Imagine what impact your business can make.

What We’ve Achieved So Far

We’re constantly amazed by just how much our small monthly subscription to Offset Earth is making. You can check out how we’re doing anytime on our Offset Earth profile page here. At the time of writing this blog though, we’ve funded the planting of 1008 trees and have offset over 97 tonnes of CO2.

The projects we’ve supported this month include improving the efficiency of stoves in Eritrea, which has reduced the demand for fuel wood by 60%-70% and improved the health of women and children. We’ve also helped fund the installation of 16 wind turbines in Hatay, in southern Turkey.

Interested in Offset Earth?

If you would like to offset your environmental footprint, sign up for Offset Earth using this link and Offset Earth will plant an extra 60 trees – 10 for your forest and 50 for ours. Want to talk more about our experiences? Email Linsey and we can chat more about it.