It’s true. If you’re in the middle of a living nightmare with your software development project, don’t give up hope. It’s never too late to slam on the anchors and extrapolate yourself from what might feel like a slow motion car crash. Our Software Project Rescue service is 100% in-house, in London, and designed to perform real heroics.

Let’s first rewind though and consider all the things that could possibly go wrong with a software development project – a few might feel painfully familiar. Once we’ve felt, and you’ve relived, your pain, we’ll elevate your spirits with our 5-Step Software Rescue Process. Here goes.

Where Did it All Go Wrong?

Outsourced – did the agency you appointed farm out your project to low quality developers, possibly overseas, in order to cut costs and pocket bigger profits?

Crashed – did your developer suddenly fold and go out of business without any warning, due to unforeseen circumstances or something more sinister?

Not up to it – development requires cutting edge software in the right hands. Was your software not fit for purpose and incapable of delivering all you’d hoped for?

Overdue – did your developer promise unrealistic timescales and fail to meet your important deadline?

Lost Faith – did your personalities clash and smash the chemistry and trust you thought you had?

Outdated – was your developer not up to scratch technically and used poor or outdated programming languages?

Limited – was there a complete lack of forward-thinking resulting in software with zero scalability?

Unreliable – did your developer promise the earth after agreeing features and functionality that they could never deliver?

Inexperienced – did the developer bite off more than they could chew and simply not have the experience and expertise or did key staff leave?

Now the Good News

Enough of the navel-gazing. We’re here to provide you with a simple solution to your complex problem – that’s what we do. We won’t roll our eyes and shake our heads when you take us through the problems you’ve had – after all, we’re likely to have to initially work with your original developer. We’ll keep everything professional and cordial.

What we will do is we’ll listen, understand and work closely with you to give you the software solution you thought you were getting and, more than likely, more. We’ve a reputation for exceeding expectations.

In-House. In London. Pop in!

One of the most common problems our software rescue clients have experienced is the discovery that their developer had been outsourcing work to other agencies who are inexperienced or don’t have the technical expertise to do the job. Outsourcing, in itself, is a problem, especially if it involves using other companies in different time zones with different languages. Communications can be difficult, and deadlines missed.

We never outsource. Ever. Everything is done in-house at our London HQ as we believe it can enhance the final user experience. We actively encourage clients to pop in to see us and chat face-to-face (or, during this lockdown period, to meet with us over video call). You get to meet the expert team who’ll rescue your software project – analysts, designers, engineers, project manager – the entire crew.

Five Steps. One Solution

How do we do it? Here’s our 5-Step Software Rescue Process:

1. Contact AVAMAE.

2. Our team of software architects, engineers and analysts will audit and assess the situation.

3. Together, we create a Rescue Plan, complete with clear objectives and realistic timings.

4. We liaise with the legacy software developer and handle technical issues and system migration.

5. We manage the rescue, redevelopment, testing and delivery of final fully functioning software.

Guaranteed Success

However far gone and irretrievable you believe your software project to be, we guarantee that we can bring it back from the brink and cost-effectively deliver the software you’ve been striving for.

Hit the ‘Rescue’ Button

Feeling more positive about the future? Good. There’s not a moment to lose. Contact us now and we’ll make superhuman efforts to get your software project back on track. Simply call Rob on +44 (0) 20 3855 0690 or hit the rescue button below and fill out the short form on our Contact page.